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With worldwide experience, our advisors join the VDC from many industries, experiences and passions.

John Antos

Description: John AntosJohn Antos is president of Value Creation Group, Inc., internationally recognized consulting group providing innovative strategic and operational solutions. Our very experienced management consultants specialize in Activity Based Management/Costing/Budgeting (ABM/ABC/ABB), strategic planning, Balanced Scorecard, outsourcing, performance management, reengineering, quality and value management. 

He has been President, CFO, Treasurer, and Controller. He turned around company on verge of bankruptcy.  He worked in service, manufacturing, government, nonprofit, and distribution organizations.  While working at Marsh & McLennan, he helped create an ABC costing model in 1976 to write malpractice insurance.

He earned University of Chicago MBA-Accounting, U. of Illinois BS in Business Administration, Certified Management Accountant and CFP.  He consults and trains in U.S., Europe, Canada, South & Central America, Caribbean, Middle and Far East. He teaches American Management Association’s Activity Based Management/Costing/Budgeting (ABM/ABC/ABB), Balanced Scorecard, Economic Value Added, Performance Management seminars.  He co-authored their ABM and Balanced Scorecard seminars. He taught ABM at U. of Texas-Dallas.

He founded Young Executives Club-Chicago (1974).  Who's Who in Finance & Industry in Midwest, South & Southwest; Outstanding Young Man of Year (Chicago Jaycees)(1980); Biography of Year (1986 First Edition); Biographical Role of Honor (1984); Dictionary of International Biography (Vol. XX 1986); Five Thousand Personalities in World (Edition 2); International Book of Honor (2nd Edition 1985); International Businessmen's Who's Who (1985); International Directory of Distinguished Leadership (1984); International Leaders in Achievement (1st Edition,1988); Men of Achievement (Cambridge,England 1981); Personalities of America(1981); Personalities of South(1982); Registry of American Achievement(1982); and Two Thousand Notable Americans (1984). 

Co-authored Activity Management for Services Industries, Government Entities, & Nonprofit Organizations (Wiley); Driving Value Using Activity Budgeting (Wiley 99);"Activity Based Budgeting" Handbook Budgeting Supplement; "Activity Based Management" Management Accountant's Handbook; Intermediate Finance & Accounting-Next Step, Modern Cost Accounting, Management Course- Finance for AMA, "Applying ABC to Purchasing" and "Creating Bill of Activities" AMA's Finance Forum, and "ABM for Service, Not-for-Profit, and Government Organizations" in Journal of Cost Management.

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George Barber

George brings to Trailblazer Capital years of experience as a global business and technology executive with a track record of leading and growing both entrepreneurial companies and Fortune 500 business units.

Mr. Barber was most recently Chairman, CEO and President of Vapro, Inc an innovator of patented two-phase cooling solutions for the electronics industry. The company has since received strategic funding and as a result was relocated to Korea. During his tenure at Vapro, George was able to secure crucial venture capital financing allowing the company to progress critical strategic partner projects, server customer design-ins and volume start-up and quality manufacturing milestones.
Prior to Vapro, Mr. Barber was President and CEO of SyChip-Murata, a wholly owned subsidiary of Murat Manufacturing Corporation of Japan. Murata acquired SyChip, Inc in April 2006. Prior to the Company's acquisition, George was recruited to the venture capital backed start-up (a Bell Labs spinout) in 2001 as President and CEO. The wireless Plug-N-Play company designed, developed and marketed Radio Frequency Chip Scale modules, Systems In Package solutions, software and integrated circuits for the portable device market. SyChip was an innovator in the smartphone revolution.

In 2003, SyChip was recognized by the Fabless Semiconductor Association as "Start-up to Watch", in addition to being named as an "Investor's Choice" award winner by VentureWire (published by Dow Jones) at its annual MicroVenture Private Equity Conference. In 2004, the company received a "Most Promising Company" award at the Semiconductor Venture Fair and was recognized with the "Emerging Company Horizon Award 2004" by the Metroplex Technology Business Council. In addition, the company received "Rising Star" and "Fast 50" net revenue growth awards from Deloitte LLP. In 2004 Mr. Barber was recognized as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year nominee and 2003 was a Metroplex Technology Business Council Tech Titan Emerging Company CEO finalist. George led the company in raising nearly $50 million of venture funding.

Prior to joining SyChip, George spent 21 years in various capacities at Texas Instruments (TI), with his most recent positions as President/Sr. Executive for two bay area based wholly owned subsidiaries that he led the acquisition of totaling $695 million; Amati Communications and Alantro Communications. In addition, he held the title of Vice president and General Manager of the Worldwide Broadband Access business unit. Based on these acquisitions and the efficient integration into TI; TI quickly established itself as one of the industry leaders in both the emerging Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) markets. George also led TI's Worldwide Computer Processor and Applications Specific IC divisions where he helped pioneer Systems-On-Chip (SoC) design. Mr. Barber also held a position on the Advisory Board of TI Ventures. Prior to that, George spent several years living in Taiwan; where he was Vice president of Texas Instruments Asia and helped establish TI as a strategic IC supplier to China.
George serves on the University of Texas at Dallas: Advisory Board Fusion Program and the University of Dayton, School of Engineering: Advisory Board. Formerly, George served on the Executive Committee of the Metroplex Technology Business Council and the Board of Directors for Texchange.

Mr. Barber received a BS degree in Mathematics from the University of Dayton.

Kingdon R. Hughes

Kingdon R. Hughes started out in the oil and gas business in the 1950s as a trainee in the land department of the Stanolind Oil & Gas Company (now BP Amoco) in Fort Worth, TX. In a short time, he was transferred to Tyler, TX and then eventually to Midland, TX.  In 1960, he decided to go on his own and become an independent oil and gas land man and broker, putting oil and gas drilling deals together to sell to investors. In 1962, he cofounded The Subsurface Library in Midland, TX which he now owns entirely. The Library is a geological data center that collects the key subsurface data that geologists, petroleum engineers and land men use to find oil and gas. It is the largest library of its kind in the country.

In 1988, Mr. Hughes acquired a cellular telephone license located on the New Jersey shore through an FCC lottery. He subsequently moved to Toms River, NJ to build and operate the system and eventually sold it to Comcast/AT&T. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Richardson, Texas so he and his son Brad could better manage their other various wireless licenses. One of those was a nationwide 220 MHz license which he ultimately sold to the railroad industry which is now deployed all across the country.

Today, Mr. Hughes and his son are early stage, angel investors located in Addison.  They continue to invest in the oil and gas business in many parts of the country.

Jackie Kimzey

Description: Jackie KimzeyJackie Kimzey began his business career at a little known start-up in the semiconductor industry, Mostek, in 1978.  Prior to this, Kimzey had been enrolled in a PhD program (Data Processing and Quantitative Analysis) when he became interested in entrepreneurship.  He left the program and began working in the areas of planning, marketing and sales for the young semiconductor company.  The company grew rapidly offering many new opportunities, the most important of which was his association and friendship with L. J. Sevin, Chairman and Founder of Mostek.

In 1982, he left Mostek and became one of the founders and CEO of ProNet, originally funded by the new venture firm of Sevin Rosen.  The company’s earliest mandate was to provide high reliability paging services to healthcare institutions and professionals in the major U. S. markets.  Over time, the company pioneered new licensing initiatives with the FCC and developed proprietary products that offered high value, differentiated services to over 600 hospitals.

In 1987, Kimzey took the company public with a successful IPO.  With the new capital, the company acquired a niche technology from Texas Instruments and developed another specialized business for tracking stolen currency and goods.  Working with major law enforcement on the local and national level, the company installed tracking equipment in 3000 bank locations, operated by local police authorities.

With the continued growth of wireless communications, the company acquired a nationwide FCC license from Motorola and began an initiative to market and sell to the broader commercial paging market.  Over a period of two short years, the company acquired 22 smaller competitors in key markets as a part of a consolidation strategy to build scale and presence in the commercial market.  The company’s enterprise value peaked in the 95-96 timeframe at just under $500M.  In 1997, the company merged with Metrocall creating a company generating more than $750M in annual revenue.  Kimzey joined the board and served on the Strategy and Governance Committees.

After the merger in 1997, Kimzey worked on several “start-up” projects of interest and then joined the venture firm of Sevin Rosen Funds as a General Partner in 1999.  There he has focused on wireless and software investments, especially software ideas that focused on “software as a service”.  His most successful projects, Neoworld, Wayport, Tangoe, Invodo and LiveVault, have all had a common thread; good management and quality advisors and investors.

Since 2007 Kimzey has served on the faculties of Southern Methodist University and The University of Texas at Dallas where he shares his “scar tissue” and lessons about innovation and new ventures with enthusiastic young entrepreneurs.  He serves as the Associate Director for the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship within the School of Management at UTD and is a frequent speaker and lecturer on the topics of innovation, investment and management.  Over his career, he has served on 18 boards, three of which were public companies.

Kimzey continues his work with new ventures and is currently on the boards of Tangoe (TNGO-Chairman of the Governance Committee), Invodo and Verified Person and has personal investments in Javelin Semiconductor and Totus-Solutions. or