Venture Development Center


Helping turn vision into enterprise, The University of Texas at Dallas boasts ten new patents issued in 2012. From energy production to pressure map analytics, the Venture Development Center tenants exclusively use UT Dallas technology in their quest for industry.

Campus Life

Campus Life is a company created to develop game-based experiential learning programs for high school and college students. The company's flagship product – CampusLife – gives potential college students an opportunity to experience life on a college campus prior to actually attending college. The games developed by campus life are "real world" focusing on time management, money management, goal setting, and achievement. The games are fun, interactive ways for people of all ages to learn.

Cirasys, Inc.

Ciirasys, Inc.

Cirasys is applying cutting-edge control methods to power conversion, creating digital power controllers and converters with unmatched precision, transient response, stability, bandwidth, and configurability.  Cirasys products offer superior operating characteristics while dramatically simplifying the design process for the electrical engineer.  All Cirasys products have the ability to vary output voltage dynamically, providing the ability to respond to variable voltage and power demands in real time.

Dena Technologies, Inc.


Dena Technologies, Inc. is a spin-off from The University of Texas at Dallas founded in 2011. The main product focuses on pressure map analytics.  The advanced technology is directed to a platform for monitoring, prevention and management of pressure ulcer using pressure mapping system that records a patient's bed posture, as well as tracking different limbs along with associated statistical pressure image data, and produces a summary report for caregivers.  The methodology allows caregivers to utilize the stress data to schedule the repositioning of patients more effectively, and allows continuous risk assessment based on the history of stress-recovery of a patient's body. Specifically, the product includes (i) time-stamped whole-body pressure distribution data collection and profiling; (ii) posture classification, (iii) limb detection and tracking; (iv) quality of turn and risk assessment; (v) turning schedule and nursing staff utilization for pressure ulcer management; and (vi) patient status reporting system customized for caregivers.

Diagtronix, Inc.


Diagtronix creates, develops, and manufactures semiconductor-based biosensor products and systems, based on patent-pending technology.  Applications include medical diagnostics for disease testing and preventive health care, using compact analysis sensors and systems having significantly increased sensitivity and real-time processing capability, at greatly reduced cost, compared to existing methods and instruments. Diagtronix's platform technology will enable many new medical applications that can be implemented on portable hosts such as smart phones, to be used anywhere, any time.  These applications include non-invasive diabetes monitoring, predictive testing for heart attacks, cancer monitoring, communicable disease monitoring (TB etc.), nutrition monitoring, and related real-time diagnostic and preventative testing. In addition, potential applications include monitoring and testing for bioterror agents, food-borne disease agents, pesticide levels in food, and related applications.

Hygeiatel, Inc.


HygeiaTel, Inc. is engaged in developing and marketing the next generation of telemedicine platform to deliver quality health care anywhere and anytime. Their advanced platform incorporates cognitive support system for patients and doctors and can create virtual clinics at home and the workplace. HygeiaTel's platform has many specialized modules such as virtual disease management clinic, virtual cardiology clinic and virtual sleep clinic that can provide preventative and patient centric health care. HygeiaTel markets their services to patients, doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies., Inc.

Interoperate, Inc., has developed innovative, next generation legacy code migration technology. Using disruptive technology they can build automated translators to convert legacy or obsolete codes into their modern versions with ease.  On February 15, 2008, Hewlett-Packard announced the End-Of-Life of the HP Software (former Mercury Interactive) WinRunner functional testing automation tool. Using its disruptive technology, Interoperate has built a translator (called WR2QTP) for converting the code of Hewlett Packard (HP) Corp.'s WinRunner GUI testing tool to HP's QuickTest Pro GUI testing tool.

Using Interoperate's advanced WR2QTP tool, this migration can be accomplished with ease. Alternative solutions are either manual or achieve less than 80% automation. WR2QTP exceeds 97% automation resulting in shorter time, lower cost and higher quality for WinRunner to QTP migration.